Surrealism - Part 141

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Surrealism - Part 141 is a look at the LGBTQIA+ community that suffered during the Holocaust, and continues to be persecuted today around the world. The work investigates 1941 when the first gas chamber was used to persecute Jews and other minorities that didn't meet The Reich's ideology. This work explores Paragraph 175 and deals with "The fear of the other", Class-ism, Good vs. Evil underpinnings in society, Gender Roles, and Complex Relationships of those involved during this time. 

Choreographer: LROD + Artists

Dance Artists: Wolf: Drew Lewis

Bunny: Hannah McClean

Quartet: Allison Burke, Maeve Haselton, Phenix Laughlin, Julia Sloane

Commander: Levi Ryan

Rope Lady: Laura Rodriguez

Music: Richard Wagner Die Walküre, Act I, Prelude and Scene 1

Lighting Design & Technical Director Meg Fox

Video: Jazzy Photo

Photography above by: Nico Towers

Photography by: Jazzy Photo