Base Experimental Arts + Space

INNOMIATE was created by LROD + Artists to serve as a multilayered experience between dance artists and audience as collaborators. Within these moments INNOMINATE was layered with Latinx agendas, Mexican-American War concerning current border issues and the threatening idea of a "wall", LGBTQIA representation, Consent - Women's RightsHome Alters, Community, Celebration of death, and Dictatorship. During this hour long performance the audience was provided a floor-map to give them a 360 degree role in the work that allowed them to interact with the dance artists as the night unfolded. The dance artists were also experiencing their own present moment and immersive experiences. Pinatas, Confetti, and participation throughout the evening brought us together. Dance is Alive.

This show was dedicated to my late Uncle Joe Rubio. He was a long time advocate for the poor and marginalized communities. Read his Obituary here in celebration. Along side my Uncle I celebrated my Grandmother Elvira Martinez in passing.

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"It's an uncommon treat to see a contemporary dance performance that breaks the bounds of the usual audience dancer interface. Innominate is not a passive experience, we were invited to stand out on the floor of this studio theater in various configurations and had a truly theater in the round experience with the dancers surrounding and even among us. Great masks, a range of music, spoken word enough to salt the expressive narrative being told by the dance, this was what art should be, innovative. Two more nights, make the schlep to Georgetown for the experience." - John Coveney

Photo: Devin Munoz

Photo: Devin Munoz

Production: LROD + Artists

Collaborator + Lighting Director: Meg Fox

Technical Lead: Becca Blackwell

House Manager: Allison P. Burke

Video + Photography: Devin Munoz

Dance Artists: Becca Blackwell, Hannah Cavallaro, Scotty Flores, Sierra Hendrix, Kate O'Day, Levi Ryan, Molly Levy, Kince De Vera

La Llorona: Laura Rodriguez

Crew: Khadijah Lindo and Karyn Tobin

Special Contributions: Rebecca and Ruben Rubio

Thank you to Dayna Hanson, Peggy Picacenza and Dave Proscia at Base Experimental Arts + Space for having us. Check out their space here.


Photos by: Devin Munoz